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No, these courses are available to any practitioners/staff from any state who want to be trained in the operation and safety of cosmetic lasers. Even though these courses are accepted in most states, it is suggested that you check with your state board.
Yes. According to the American National Standards Institute, Z136.3, all practitioners who own and operate a Class 3B or Class 4 Laser must have a Certified Laser Safety Officer on the premises when the laser is in operation. (see our course description)
According to the Arizona Bureau of Radiation Control, all medical directors, medical practitioners who operate cosmetic lasers must take an approved 24 Hour Laser Concepts and Applications Course for Medical Directors and Health Professional Cosmetic Laser Operators course. In Arizona, the course must be approved by the Arizona Bureau of Radiation Control. (see our course description)
No. Anyone can become a Certified Laser Safety Officer as long as they have taken an approved course. It is recommended that there be more than one Laser Safety Officer in your practice for adequate, compliant coverage or in case personnel turn over.
No. Anyone can become a Certified Laser Technologist as long as they have completed an approved course. (see our course description)
Yes. But only if the Medical Assistant has attended a Certified Laser Technologist course
According the Arizona Bureau of Radiation Control, you have to take the 40 hour didactic (classroom work) Certified Laser Technologist Course. You also have to have completed supervised training (hands on) and perform cosmetic laser procedurs: 10 procedures per target and 24 hours training. Example: Hair Reduction, 10 procedures and 24 hours training, Skin Smoothing 10 procedures, 24 hours training. (see our course description)
Yes. The courses we provide with thoroughly train your staff to understand and operate cosmetic lasers.

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